Who is ITPG?

ITPG is a full service certification boutique led by education, training, certification and testing executives with decades of consulting and hands-on experience. We are known as the “Company Behind the Company” because we operate as a trusted resource to advance your organization and profession.

When you work with ITPG…

You hire an entire team of credentialing specialists who have the answers to questions you may not even know to ask, and the resources to support what you can’t do yourself.

Since 1999, ITPG has helped dozens of organizations plan, design, implement and grow their credentialing programs. We have managed just about every issue that your organization could face.

We help clients assess the market to ensure there is one for the certification they have defined.
We prepare your organization for accreditation by standard-setting bodies (ANSI, NCCA, etc.)
We identify new opportunities for workforce development programs to meet the unmet needs of employers.
We build programs that span the career of your stakeholders, from young professionals to executive leadership programs.

We have helped our clients generate more than $250 million in program revenue, develop multi-day and online courses, convert paper and pencil programs to CBT platforms, and manage all of the time-consuming administrative functions.

Credentialing can be complex, time-intensive, and an expensive investment. Rely on ITPG’s certification team for guidance.