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Training Seminars from the Creators of the Industry’s Gold Standard Certifications
Your pursuit of an (ISC)² certification, the Gold Standard of information and application security credentials, depends on your access to the very best, very latest knowledge of the (ISC)² CBK. The (ISC)² CBK (Common Body of Knowledge) is a compendium of topics relevant to information security professionals around the world. The (ISC)² CBK is the accepted standard in the industry and continues to be updated to reflect the most current and relevant topics required to practice in the field. All (ISC)² certification examinations test on the candidate’s knowledge of the related CBK domains as identified in the Exam Outline.

As the creator and caretaker of the CBK, (ISC)² is uniquely qualified to bring you a comprehensive CBK Training Seminar to help you thoroughly understand your security knowledge. Official (ISC)² CBK Training Seminars are available in three different delivery methods and include:

• 100% up-to-date material
• Contributions from (ISC)² members, (ISC)² Authorized Instructors and subject matter experts
• An overview of the scope of the information security field
• Post-seminar self-assessment tests

Choose Your Learning Format

Classroom-based Training
Study the CBK with your peers in a classroom setting nearly anywhere in the world through (ISC)² Official Training Providers. Delivered over the course of 4-5 days for 8 hours a day, these it security training seminars are perfect for the hands-on learner.

Live OnLine Training
Learn the (ISC)² CBK from the convenience of your computer anywhere in the world. (ISC)²’s Live OnLine CBK Training Seminar gives you the same award-winning course content as the classroom-based seminars and the benefit of an (ISC)² Authorized Instructor, from your very own desktop delivered over the course of 6-8 weeks in two 2-2.5 hour sessions per week.

Private, On-site Training
Bring (ISC)²’s award-winning training to your organization and get your staff certified while saving time and money. Private on-site CBK Training Seminars are ideal for large groups planning to sit for the same (ISC)² certification examination. Learn from the convenience of your office space or local venue.

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