We are recognized experts in all aspects of the professional certification and training business. We assist clients in all aspects of analyzing, developing, and implementing appropriate work plans, budgets, project coordination, staffing, marketing, selling and development of policies and procedures surrounding any training or professional certification program. Out services include:

  1. MANAGEMENT SERVICES – ITPG is the company behind the company! We Manage Testing and Training Functions for our clients who wish to outsource one or more fulfillment functions. ITPG can providing business analysis, strategies and consulting for all operational aspects of testing and training – managing some or all of critical areas such as test development, curriculum development, course design, test administration, instructor administration, marketing and sales, etc.
  2. EXAMINATION DEVELOPMENT & MAINTENANCE SERVICES – We handle all aspects of testing R&D work, including Market and Feasibility Studies, Job Task Analyses, SME Training and subsequent committee work, Item Development, Item Banking, Test Design, Test Production, Standard Setting, and Statistical/Psychometric Analysis, etc.
  3. COMPUTER-BASED EXAMINATION DELIVERY – Computer-Based Testing is now for everyone – ITPG has developed a more economical model that makes CBT not only financially feasible, but available at a worldwide network of testing centers.
  4. REVENUE GROWTH – ITPG experts are veterans at assisting associations to grow their professional certifications and training programs. For over 15 years, ITPG has worked with many of the most successful certifying bodies in the world in growing their programs. We have delivered multi-day education courses that have generated more than $250 million in revenue for clients. Our partnerships span multiple markets including: Energy, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Management, Security, and Information Technology.
  5. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT – Development and implementation of core competencies, bodies of knowledge, courses (on-line, instructor let, blended) curricula, course completion tests, and all related educational programming.

To find out more and how we can help you to develop or update an existing Professional Certification or Professional Training program, contact info@itpg.org or 703.356.4434