When You Work with ITPG…

  • You get honest, reasoned feedback. We will not recommend a credentialing program if the market is not there to support one.
  • We will present a business case to substantiate any and all recommendations, from full certification programs to micro credentials, curriculum development or a completely different approach.
  • You can opt for select or turnkey services
  • You can outsource program management and marketing functions to ITPG to leverage your resources
  • You hire an entire team of highly experienced credentialing specialists— curriculum developers, psychometricians, operations, security, and marketing professionals who can assist with, or take charge of, your entire program
  • You avoid time-consuming administrative tasks such as exam scheduling, course registration, instructor management, application forms, instruction manuals, etc.
  • You can take advantage of our experts in educational materials – study guides, self-assessments, course development and other learning tools


ITPG is built on the philosophy that our business goes where it is earned and stays where it is appreciated.  It has long been our experience and belief that after technical competence, the most important factor in selecting a certification partner is trust.  You must feel confident that not only will the consultant you choose be able to perform the work, but that they will provide unparalleled value and a positive return on your investment. Be Confident – You’re Working with ITPG.

Contact us to find out more about how ITPG can help you develop or update an existing credentialing program. Phone: 703-637-4408