For over 15 years, ITPG has been the “Company Behind the Company” for some of the most successful professional certificate and certification issuing bodies in the world.  ITPG has been hired to fulfill many functions on behalf of its clients, especially in the areas of training, curriculum development and delivery, examination development and test delivery, certificate and certification program development, business development/ marketing/sales, and conference/event management sales and logistical support.   Our expertise enables our clients to turnkey key certification and credentialing body functions to ITPG with extreme confidence:

Supporting Operations

  • Affiliate/Channel/Partner Management
  • Certificant/Member Benefits
  • Continuing Education
  • Internationalization
  • Marketing/ Revenue Generation

Certification and Certificate Programs

  • ANSI/NCCA Accreditation
  • Education Development/Delivery
  • Examination Development/Delivery
  • Item Writing and Review
  • Test Construction, Scoring and Reporting

Training and Education

  • Curriculum Development/Delivery
  • Instructor Management
  • Learner Registration/Management
  • Course Development
  • Knowledge Assessments

Event Management

  • Attendee Registration/Management
  • Content/Speaker Management

When You Work with ITPG…

  • You can opt to select or turnkey services
  • You can outsource program management and marketing functions to ITPG to leverage your resources
  • You hire an entire team of highly experienced credentialing specialists— curriculum developers, psychometricians, operations, security, and marketing professionals who can assist with, or take charge of, your entire program
  • You avoid time-consuming administrative tasks such as exam scheduling, course registration, instructor management, application forms, instruction manuals, etc.
  • You can take advantage of our Learning Management System, experts in educational materials – study guides, self-assessments, course development and other learning tools

To find out more about how ITPG can help you develop or update an existing credentialing program, contact  or 703.637.4408.  Be Confident – You’re Working with ITPG!