Evaluate Your Program

Quicklook is a short-term, six to eight-week professional consulting engagement for certification and certificate programs

If your current program is not meeting expectations, there can be multiple reasons. Rather than continue on the same course, let us analyze your certification and/or educational programs and share recommendations based on decades of experience.

This “QuickLook” is a short, in-depth evaluation of multiple areas that could be contributing factors:

• Affiliate/channel/partner management
• Awareness/training/education offerings
• Certificant/member benefits
• Communications methods
• Continuing education programs
• Marketing programs
• Stakeholder management

Deliver specific, prioritized recommendations to generate rapid, dramatic growth in:

• Certificate/certification holders
• Membership
• Annual revenue

Our Quicklook assessment methodology is used to:

• Enhancing existing and identifying new certificate or certification program revenue generating activities
• Prepare for certificate or certification program accreditation (e.g., ANSI, NCAA)
• Determine readiness for creation/launch of a new certificate or certification program