Benefit from our Experience

We are recognized experts in all aspects of the standardized testing business, and we assist clients in analyzing, developing, implementing and maintaining all R&D components of a testing program:

  • Market and Feasibility Studies – Often our clients need to know whether they should create a new certification, training or credential. Given the large investment of such an undertaking, it is critical to do the market research necessary to determine the market forces at play, define the market size, identify competitors, etc. ITPG has deep experience conducting such research and providing advice to clients on if and how to proceed.

  • Job/Task Analysis – Identifying what is most important to assess in an exam is a imperative, and no one does it better than ITPG. Our efficient and time-sensitive methodology to define the most relevant knowledge, skills and abilities is both advanced and time-tested.

  • SME Training and Meetings – We will fully train qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to develop and review test items, along with other test development activities. ITPG often will work directly with your examination committees to schedule meetings and work to manage and complete all of the related details.

  • Item Development & Review – When it comes to the development of test items, ITPG employs a refined process that delivers innovative item types, dynamic, targeted content and unambiguous responses.

  • Item Banking – Our item banking approach is web-based, fully secure and supports all key aspects of the testing process development activities. Better yet, it is fully integrated with the computer-based test delivery system

  • Test Design– Deciding how many versions (forms) of the test are necessary to meet the administration design is an important consideration. Our staff is fully expert in these and all related decisions, from choosing appropriate item formats, best covering test specifications, and assuring that every candidate is consistently assessed on a common set of knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • Test Production and Publishing– Whether your examination is still paper/pencil format or computer-based, our team is highly experiences in constructing reliable tests and managing the workflows associated with producing and delivering exams. If you need to migrate your exam from one testing company to another, we can manage that process for you.

  • Standard Setting– Our team of test development and psychometricians develop and employ methodologies which ensure a high degree of confidence that test cut scores are properly assigned. Whether the examination is criteria based or norm referenced, we have the tools to ensure the appropriate scoring models are implemented.

  • Psychometric Analysis– Each test and associated test items are subjected to various analyses aimed at determining the measurement quality of the assessment. Our specialists help ensure that subsequent versions of each test continue to meet this high standard of quality and precision.