Why The ITPG Model Makes Sense

The fact that hiring a CBT company involves either a large up-front implementation cost (over $20,000), or a commitment to guarantee a minimum number of annual testing candidates (several thousand is typical), makes the per-candidate cost prohibitive for small volume testing programs. To overcome this hurdle, ITPG has formalized a relationship with CBT partner firm (Kryterion™, Inc.) to become its testing client, and in turn, aggregates the volumes of multiple smaller or new testing programs so as to be able to “broker” computer based testing services to each, at a much lower cost than would otherwise be possible.

Basic Service Package

First – ITPG Sets Up Your Exam(s) and Gets You Running.

The computer-based test delivery system will be configured to operate as follows:

  • ITPG will set-up your item bank(s) in the test delivery system (includes up to 3 banks)
  • ITPG will then construct the active exam form(s) (includes up to 1 form per test title)
  • ITPG will set-up the cut-scores (and any reporting scales used)
  • ITPG will set up the candidate reporting in the test delivery system

In short, we will replicate your current exams in the Kryterion™ delivery system, including the conversion tables if scaled scores are used (which we recommend).

Second – ITPG Begins Testing Your Candidates

Basic test administration services include:

  • Upon receipt of an approved test taker’s application (or file) from the participating client, ITPG will enter those candidates into the Kryterion™ scheduling system and transmit Authorization-To-Test notices to the candidates
  • These notices will permit these eligible candidates to then proceed in making their appointments for testing in any Kryterion™ proctored testing center (about 850 worldwide)
  • Following the administration of tests to candidates, ITPG will download the associated score files on a weekly basis and manage the movement of pass/fail information to the participating client for subsequent issuance of certificates
  • ITPG will manage the ongoing tasks of reconciling candidate fees, payment questions, refund, registration, training, test or result questions, and such support that may be required in connection with the delivery of tests, not otherwise handled by the CBT Company.

Additional Optional Services

  1. Examination Test Development Maintenance Support.
    Many of ITPG’s clients also wish for us to provide them with a package of psychometric and test development support hours per year in order to support the ongoing proper maintenance of the examinations themselves.   These activities typically include tasks such as:
  • Managing and entering new items into the item bank and test delivery system on an ongoing basis
  • Creating test forms as needed to properly fulfill the candidate volume of testing
  • Entering and maintaining the scoring data, answer keys, scales, etc.
  • Conducting item writing and review activities with the exam/schema committee
  • Providing advice and guidance concerning testing policies, situations, etc.
  • Maintaining the passing standard and equating examinations as needed
  • Export response strings and conduct test and item analysis as necessary
  • Any other test development related tasks
  1. Other Test Delivery Formats,
  • ITPG can fully support Practice (On-Line) Examinations
  • ITPG can fully support Client Proctored Examinations (i.e. hosted exams)

To find out more about how ITPG can help get your exams onto computer, contact info@itpg.org  or 703.637.4408.  Be Confident – You’re Working with ITPG!